Secrets and Lies - Upcoming Event

    Private View:  29TH NOVEMBER, 8pm-late @ STUDIO EX PURGAMENTO

    132D Camden Street, NW1 0HY.

    When I’m in Warsaw, dad and I like to go lick the windows of this particular Antiquariat. This time we were going to give it a miss, but ended up ‘popping in for just a minute”. After nearly an hour we came out with 6 small, sepia pencil drawings each, chosen from a pile of about 80. They were astonishing. By the time we reached home we decided we would like to try to keep some of this collection together, counting up our Zloty to work out how many we could afford.  So now we have around 60 between us. They were cheap, unsigned and the chances of finding out who drew them were slim, we thought. We didn’t care. We were wrong: Her name was Felicia Glowacka.  She was a dentist before the war. Afterwards she became ill and began drawing and painting, possibly as a way of coping.  Although active for only three years, she had several exhibitions including Zacheta, met Picasso and her work bought by the National Museum. The drawings came directly form the family. She appears to have been completely forgotten.

    This year our annual pop up exhibition will run from the 30th of November through Christmas until the end of December/beginning of January. The title is Secrets and Lies and as usual it will be a group show of work by international artists. It will include some drawings by Felicia. More details and a full list of artists will follow but save the date and please pass this on to anyone you think may be interested. (There will be cocktails of course, and quite possibly live music).

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