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    Welcome to Part One of the Inside-Outside project in which five visual artists and five composers have been asked to produce two minutes of film (if visual artists) and 2 minutes of sound (if composers).

    In this section of the project the moving image and the sound have been put together by the curators without any input from the participants who do not know each other and have not worked together previously.  We think of this as The Blind Date.

    We were curious to see what happens when two different art forms are put together virtually at random, the only common factor being the length of time and the title (Inside-Outside) which everyone was encouraged to interpret as broadly as possible.



    Yola and Agata Chiara and Simon Natalia and Leah Alice and Milton Andrzej and Eve





    In the next part of the project which will go live on Friday 8th of May, you will be able to see new work by the same participants in which they have been sent one another’s 2 minute contributions and asked to create another 2 minutes of either sound or image as a conscious, direct response to what they are seeing/hearing. We’re calling it The Second Date.

    Soon after, all the artists will meet each other for the first time online to talk about their work, their experience of participating and seeing their work interpreted in another medium. 

    We will then make a transcript of the meeting, which you will be able to access here and at

    Natalia Zagorska-Thomas

    Simon Zagorski-Thomas


    INSIDE - OUTSIDE    Part 1 Trailer

    A collaborative sound /moving image project in association with 21st Century Music Practice Network ( ) in which five visual artists and five composers who do not know each other have been asked to produce a response to 2 minutes of each others work.

    Trailer for Inside - Outside



    Alice Herrick

    Yola Yolart

    Andrzej Maria Borkowski

    Chiara Ambrosio

    Natalia Zagorska-Thomas


    Milton Mermikides

    Leah Kardos

    Agata Kubiak-Kenworthy

    Eve Klein

    Simon Zagorski-Thomas

    Inside Outside


    The first part of the project (where work was randomly paired by the curators) will be published on the Studio ExPurgamento and 21st Century Music Practice Network websites on the

    4th of May at 6pm

    The second part (where artists are making a direct response to each other’s work) will be published the following week.

    Date for the online launch party for the second part of the project: TBA

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